Jan. 2017
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Hello From Durango, Colorado

By now you should have received your 2017 Colorado Big Game Brochure.  You can call the Division of
Wildlife office at (303)297-1192 and they will send one to you or you can get on their web-site, print and view
the brochure there.  
*Do not forget that the Application Deadline is April 4 !!

The web address is listed below.

Below are the dates for our elk and deer hunts for 2017.
1st Archery Deer and Elk                Aug. 27 to Sept. 3
2nd Archery Deer and Elk                Sept.  9  to Sept. 16
3rd Archery Deer and Elk                Sept. 18 to Sept. 25

Muzzle loading Deer and Elk                Sept. 9  to Sept. 16
1st Rifle Limited Elk                     Oct. 13 to Oct. 18
2nd Rifle                                        Oct. 21 to Oct. 27
3rd  Rifle                                        Nov.  3 to Nov. 9
4th  Rifle                                        Nov.14 to Nov. 20

You can go to our ITINERARY PAGE for more information on our hunts:  www.tbarmoutfittersdurango.
If you need any help with the application process I will be happy to walk you through it, call me or e-mail me
and I will call you back.

Application Deadline is: April 4, 2017
Remember our deer tags are draw but we had left-over tags for Archery, Muzzleloader and 1st Rifle in Unit
74 last year.

Please call us anytime or visit our web-site for additional information about any of our hunts.

Web address: www.tbarmoutfittersdurango.com

Our summer trips are shaping up very nice and we will be adding some new fishing trips this summer.  

Our Emerald Lake Trail Ride and Fishing Trip is one of the highlights of the summer.  It is located in the
Weminuche Wilderness, the fishing is always great and the scenery is something that everyone should see,
because you can’t capture the beauty of this place with a camera, you have to see it in person.

The Utah Canyon Lands Trail Ride.  We have several trail rides scheduled in Utah this year.  One in April, two
in May and One in October.  Not only is this area quite spectacular, it also was home to the ancient Anasazi
Indians who lived in the region over 1,000 years ago.  They left behind a fascinating history told through the
many ruins and pictographs that we are able to examine on these rides.

Continental Divide Ride.  Ride the divide trail from Wolf Creek Pass to Silverton, Colorado and see scenery
few modern people have seen.  Experience alpine fly fishing in some of the most pristine lakes and streams
in the Rocky Mountains.  A once in a life time experience.

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you on the mountain.

T Bar M Outfitters

Steve Holt              970-564-9148, cell-970-739-9861 or steve@tbarmoutfittersdurango.com